How It Works

Go Raise Dough combines the power of the internet with the vast reach of social networking for fast and easy big money fundraising. More than 250 million use email and social networking people in the US. Now you can jump on the craze of social networking and the internet for your next fundraiser.

Follow the Money

Take an organization of 400 sellers where each person sells 20 tickets. At $10 a ticket, $3,000 goes to ticket winners and $61,000 goes to your organization.
But that is only the beginning...

The Online Advantage

With Go Raise Dough, raffle tickets are purchased online using a credit card. When you add online sales, your net profits can quickly grow from $61,000 to $91,000 with a few, simple email blasts. Compare this to other fundraisers such as pizza and cookie dough sales and your profits double with Go Raise Dough.

The Time Advantage

We know you have more important things to do than coordinate and distribute fundraising products. Finally...NO more delivering pizzas, cookie dough or hosting auction dinners.

Internet Updates

We send emails confirming sales and updating ticket holders with the latest games results and winners. We also use Facebook fan pages for ticket sellers to view the latest sales rankings.