Online Queen of Hearts raffles that fundraise and fun-raise

Join the craze and fun of online Queen of Hearts raffles which remotely engages your community and fundraises for your non-profit through multiple drawings over several months

See our classic raffles for a standard drawing and timeframe

Recent Queen of Hearts Jackpots


School & Parish in Bloomsdale MO (pop. 710)


Alumni Association in South City St Louis

The easiest way to understand Queen of Hearts raffles is to experience it.

Fundraising Experts

Our science and data driven approach has raised millions of dollars using online raffles.

Nightly Deposits

Receive nightly deposits into your bank account. No withholdings, no delays and no dealing with cash.

No Setup

Just answer a few simple questions and our team will build your online raffle.

Simple, Low Pricing

No upfront charges, just small per ticket fees. After prizes and fees, keep over 75% of your sales.

Powerful Email Marketing

Built-in email marketing with easy forwarding drives consistent sales.

Individual Tracking

Tracking of individual sellers or groups of sellers in your organization enables you to make real-time adjustments.

Reach of Social Media

Tap into social media audiences to attract a whole new set of buyers who can support you from anywhere.

Fully Exportable

Build your database of donors, including an alumni tracking feature, by exporting your buyers.

Look Amazing

Our graphic designer will make your organization look its best.

Dedicated Support

We guide you through best practices and answer support questions day or night.