Getting Started

Go Raise Dough could be the easiest, most profitable fundraiser your organization has ever done. Many organizations have stopped other fundraisers and replace two or three fundraisers with Go Raise Dough. Learn how you too can raise big bucks with very little time using the unique fundraising program at Go Raise Dough. There are just two simple steps to getting started...

1. Pick a Date

Simply choose the dates of your raffle. Typically raffle sales last four weeks with a raffle drawing date within five days of the last selling day.

2. Send Raffle Selling Emails

We have template emails to help you create your Raffle Selling Emails. These emails are sent to your sellers and members who forward them to their family, friends, coworkers, employers, vendors and anyone else you can think of!

That's it.

Now, call us at 314.246.0746 and we will jump on getting your raffle completely setup.


Call at 314.246.0746 or email us at sales@goraisedough.com for more information on how Go Raise Dough can assist your non-profit organization in raising big money with ease.